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Tenant Representation

Riverwood’s tenant representation professionals support retail and restaurant clients by providing real-estate solutions for relocations, expansions and store chain growth. Before recommending the best real estate options, we conduct in-depth market analysis to determine the most opportune locations. Our brokerage professionals work as trusted partners to advocate for their clients beyond site selection. In an increasingly competitive environment, our goal is to maximize the strength of our tenants’ real estate assets so they will thrive for many years to come. Our industry-leading market research gives us the power to identify  available spaces, optimize transaction strategy and thereby produce superior results for our clients.  At Riverwood Properties, we strive to create long-term relationships with the tenants that we represent and view our tenant relationships as true long-term partnerships.

Landlord Representation

Riverwood Properties specializes in shopping centers ranging in size from 5,000 to 150,000 square feet. As property owners ourselves, we value the importance of communication, minimizing risk and market awareness. In an increasingly competitive environment, we strive to find the highest quality tenants that fit the needs within specific markets. Our marketing conduits include e-mail, direct mailers, property signage, the Riverwood website, broker communications, and targeted tenant contacts. The most valued source of leasing is repeat business: tenants that have succeeded in existing Riverwood centers and choose to expand their businesses by opening in new locations. Our marketing focuses on developing an appropriate tenant mix which includes a synergistic blend of restaurants, shops, and services. Riverwood helps guide landlord’s in negotiating the letter of intent followed by lease preparation and negotiation, space build-out and tenant opening.

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